Rigamarole Magazine
Editorial Design

My contributions include: the biannual design, direction, coordination, and management of numerous issues; cover to cover redesign; revised project scope and approval process; improved on-time, on-budget results; formally documented photographic approach and usage rights; cultivated meaningful relationships with skillful and accomplished contributors.

Rigamarole is a newsmagazine published by Diamond Offshore for customers, suppliers, and friends. Stories encompass everything from technology and interviews with industry leaders to the hometowns and cultures of employees.

In collaboration with Thomas Hull, Les Van Dyke, David Powell, and various contributors at Rigsby Hull. 👔  🤝

Type: InterFace, Lexia; printed with Woods Lithography Phoenix, AZ.

Photography Chris Shinn, Lee Mawdsley, Jacob Langvad Nilsson, David Aaron Troy, Daymon Gardner, Drew Donovan, Patrick Lane, Andy Mahr, Nichole Sloan, Jack Thompson; Illustration Jameson Simpson, Marco Cibola; Writing Scott Redepenning, Denise Allen Zwicker, Molly Glentzer, Beverly Freeman; Editor Les VanDyke.

Copyright © 2008–2010, Rigsby Hull. All other content and copyrights belong to their respective owners.

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