Manual, by Side Project Skateboards
Book Design

MANUAL is a response to “relentlessly risk averse” methods of employing creativity; conceived as a platform “to provide fellow creatives an opportunity to create with impunity”. Along with the direction and design of MANUAL, my background in producing printed publications guided a well considered plan for completing the project.

“The culmination of a year-long, collaborative photography project, MANUAL is a 160-page, hardcover book featuring the work of 12 photographers commissioned to create small bodies of work surrounding individual experiences with a single skateboard.” — Jake Eshelman, Side Project Skateboards

In collaboration with Jake Eshelman, Margaux Crump, and twelve curated contributors. 🙌  🙌

Type: Univers Next Pro; printed by Blurb.

Photography Lauren Marek, Sera Lindsey, Paige French, Melissa Laree Cunningham, Adam Taylor, Adrian O. Walker, Henry O. HeadChristian Gideon, Joshua Anderson, Weston James Palmer, Yana Yatsuk, Kirk Chambers.

Copyright © 2018, Jake Eshelman. All other content and copyrights belong to their respective owners. 

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